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Friday, August 20, 2004  

Delight in Obedience The Messenger of God (may God bless him and grant him peace) said, "He who is pleased by his good deeds and displeased by his evil ones is a believer." O believer, when God grants you the good fortune of acting in His obedience, let your joy be great; thank God in abundance for honoring you with His service and choosing you to attend to Him; and ask Him to accept, by His grace, whatever He has made easy for you in the way of virtuous behavior. 'Ali, may God honor his countenance, said, "Be more anxious for your works to be accepted than for them to be done, for no accepted deed is small." Always acknowledge your shortcomings in fulfilling your duties to your Lord, even when you are most determined and energetic in His obedience, for His rights upon you are immense: He created you from nothing; His favors overflow upon you; He treats you with His grace and generosity; you obey Him by His power and His ability; and you worship Him by His help and mercy. Beware of soiling the robe of your faith and blackening the countenance of your heart by committing that which your Lord has forbidden you. Should you fall into sin, even if it is infrequent, hasten to repent, return to obedience, feel remorse, and ask forgiveness in abundance. Remain fearful and apprehensive to the extreme even when he is sincere in his obedience and service. You already know how the prophets behaved, even though they were inerrant, and the saints, even though they are guarded. They were fearful and wary, though their works were good and their sins rare and non-existent. You are more worthy of this [fear and anxiety] than they, for they were better acquainted than you with the immensity of God's mercy, better thinking than you of God, more truthful than you in hoping for His pardon, and more hopeful than you in His generosity and grace. Follow in their footsteps and you will be safe and secure. Follow their path and you will attain to success and many profits. Seek protection in God, for he who seeks protection in God has been guided to a straight path. _____________________________________________________________________________________ The Four Obstacles to Obedience Because the abode of this world is founded on hardship and trial, kneaded with trouble and distress, and filled with preoccupations and distractions, the things that divert one away from acts of obedience abound, as are those things that incite to transgression. These distractions are numerous, but may be reduced to four categories: The first is ignorance, the second weakness of faith, the third long hopes, and the fourth eating illicit or dubious food. We shall briefly discuss each of these four, God willing, to demonstrate how blameworthy they truly are and to show how to guard oneself and free oneself form them. Success is from God. -Imam ‘Abdallah ibn ‘Alawi al-Haddad, Two Treatises (Mutual Reminding & Good Manners) of Imam al-Haddad

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As for him who fears to stand before his Lord and restrains the ego its desires, the Garden is shelter.
(The Snatchers:40)
Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, "The Fire is surrounded by all kinds of desires and passions, while Paradise is surrounded by all kinds of disliked, undesirable things."
Whoever does good at night is rewarded during the day and whoever does good during the day is rewarded at night. Whoever is sincere in abandoning a desire is saved from catering to it. God is too noble to punish a heart that has abandoned a desire for His sake.
(Abu Sulayman ad-Darani)
Beware of your ego, and trust not its mischief;
The ego is worse than seventy devils.
(Arabic Poem)
Abu Bakar Balkhi
Md Mubaraq
Md Firdaus

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I seek God's forgiveness, and do not claim that my intention in producing this Blog is confined to good religious purposes; how may I do so when I am aware of the hidden desires, egotistic passions, and worldly wishes that I harbour? I do not claim innocence for myself; the ego is indeed an inciter to evil, save when my Lord shows mercy; my Lord is indeed Forgiving, Merciful. O God! I seek Your protection against my committing idolatry [shirk] knowingly, and Your forgiveness for that of which I am not aware! I ask God to make me and all other believers benefit from this Blog and to render my production of it purely for the sake of His Noble Countenance.

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