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Wednesday, September 08, 2004  

Do the Obligatory [Fardhu], Improve on it with the Supererogatory [Sunnat]. Add Reflection [Wird], And Remembrance [Zikr], To improve on it. -Habib Ali bin Esa bin Abdulkader al Haddad (may Allah be pleased with him) Excerpt from 'The Gift of Imam al Haddad' (Chapter: Tenets of Faith) Al Habib Al Qutb Abdullah bin Alawi al Haddad has put it concisely, clearly and in non-controversial texts. his trademark for brevity is strongly evident in his presentation of the 'Tenets of Faith'. The first pillar of Islam is to believe that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah. There are many descriptions of the Oneness of Allah in the Quran. Imam Abdullah bin Alawi al Haddad arranged the Tenets of Faith to make it easy for Muslims to affirm their belief in the Oneness of Allah [Tawhid]. Imam Abdullah bin Alawi al Haddad wrote his 'Tenets of Faith' or 'The Muslim Creed' as the concluding chapter of his book titled 'Religious Advice and Counsels of Faith' or [An-Nasa'ih ad-Diniyya Wal Wasaya al-Imaniyyah], one of the classics of Islamic spirituality. This book was translated into Malay by Syed Ahmad bin Muhammad binSemait in Singapore. Al Habib Ahmad Mashhur al-Haddad included it in his well known classic 'The Key to the Garden' of [Miftahul Jannah]. The book was translated into English by Dr. Mostafa al-Badawi and printed by Quilliam Press. My sincere appreciation to Dr. Mostafa Badawi and Dr. Abdul Hakim Murad for their permission to reproduce it here. This reproduction and translation form part one of the "Gifts of Imam al Haddad" which includes the Reflection - Wird Latif and the Famous Ratib [al-Ratib al-Shahir] of Imam al Haddad which we will see in the next two parts (of the book).May Allah, the Exalted, guide us. -The Gifts of Imam al Haddad, Warid Press

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As for him who fears to stand before his Lord and restrains the ego its desires, the Garden is shelter.
(The Snatchers:40)
Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, "The Fire is surrounded by all kinds of desires and passions, while Paradise is surrounded by all kinds of disliked, undesirable things."
Whoever does good at night is rewarded during the day and whoever does good during the day is rewarded at night. Whoever is sincere in abandoning a desire is saved from catering to it. God is too noble to punish a heart that has abandoned a desire for His sake.
(Abu Sulayman ad-Darani)
Beware of your ego, and trust not its mischief;
The ego is worse than seventy devils.
(Arabic Poem)
Abu Bakar Balkhi
Md Mubaraq
Md Firdaus

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I seek God's forgiveness, and do not claim that my intention in producing this Blog is confined to good religious purposes; how may I do so when I am aware of the hidden desires, egotistic passions, and worldly wishes that I harbour? I do not claim innocence for myself; the ego is indeed an inciter to evil, save when my Lord shows mercy; my Lord is indeed Forgiving, Merciful. O God! I seek Your protection against my committing idolatry [shirk] knowingly, and Your forgiveness for that of which I am not aware! I ask God to make me and all other believers benefit from this Blog and to render my production of it purely for the sake of His Noble Countenance.

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