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Thursday, April 21, 2005  

Heroes Does any artist paint for the sake of the picture itself, without the hope of offering some good? No, but for the sake of the viewers and the young who will be drawn by it and freed from cares. Or does any potter hastily throw a pot or a bowl without any thought of what it will hold? Does any calligrapher write for the script alone without any regard for the reader? The external form is for the sake of something unseen and that took shape for something else unseen. Just as the moves in a game of chess reveal the results of each move in what follows. They make one move to conceal another move, and that for something else, and so on and on. So move on, aware of reasons within reasons, one move after another to checkmate. One step is for the sake of another, like the rungs of a ladder, to reach the roof. The hunger for food produces semen; semen is for procreation, and the light in the parents’ eyes. Someone with dulled vision sees no further than this: his intelligence has no movement; it vegetates. Whether a plant is summoned or not, it stays planted within the soil. Don’t be deceived if the wind bends it. Its head says, “We obey the zephyr’s request,” while its feet say, “Leave us alone!” Since he does not know how to move, he advances on trust like the blind. Consider what acting on trust means in a war: it’s like the gambler trusting the throw of the dice. But if someone’s in sight is unfrozen, it penetrates the veil. He sees with his own eye in the present What will come to pass in ten years’ time. In the same way, everyone sees the unseen and the future, both good and bad, according to the measure of his insight. When the barriers in front and behind are removed, the eye penetrates and reads the Tablet of the Unseen. When he looks back to origin of existence, the beginning and all the past display themselves, including the argument between the angels of earth and the Divine Majesty, their resistence to recognize our Father Adam as God’s steward. And when he casts his eyes forward, he sees all that will come to pass until the Gathering. Therefore he sees back to the root of the root, and forward to Day of Decision. Anyone, to the degree of his enlightenment, sees as much as he has polished of himself. The more he polishes, the more he sees, the more visible do the forms become. If you say purity is by the grace of God, this success in polishing is also through that Generosity. That work and prayer is in proportion to the yearning: People have nothing but what they have striven for. God alone is the giver of aspiration: no rough brute aspires to kingliness, nor does God’s gift of good fortune preclude one’s own consent and will and choice. But when He brings trouble upon some ill-fated person, he ungratefully packs off in flight. Whereas when God brings trouble upon a blessed man, he just draws nearer to God. In battle the cowardly, from fear of their lives, have chosen their means of escape. But heroes are borne forward by their fear and pain. From fear, too, the weak soul dies from within itself. Tribulation and fear for one’s life are touchstones to distinguish the cowardly from the brave. Maulana Jalalludin Rumi, Mathnawi IV, 2881(translated by Kabir Helmiski) The Rumi Collection

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As for him who fears to stand before his Lord and restrains the ego its desires, the Garden is shelter.
(The Snatchers:40)
Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, "The Fire is surrounded by all kinds of desires and passions, while Paradise is surrounded by all kinds of disliked, undesirable things."
Whoever does good at night is rewarded during the day and whoever does good during the day is rewarded at night. Whoever is sincere in abandoning a desire is saved from catering to it. God is too noble to punish a heart that has abandoned a desire for His sake.
(Abu Sulayman ad-Darani)
Beware of your ego, and trust not its mischief;
The ego is worse than seventy devils.
(Arabic Poem)
Abu Bakar Balkhi
Md Mubaraq
Md Firdaus

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I seek God's forgiveness, and do not claim that my intention in producing this Blog is confined to good religious purposes; how may I do so when I am aware of the hidden desires, egotistic passions, and worldly wishes that I harbour? I do not claim innocence for myself; the ego is indeed an inciter to evil, save when my Lord shows mercy; my Lord is indeed Forgiving, Merciful. O God! I seek Your protection against my committing idolatry [shirk] knowingly, and Your forgiveness for that of which I am not aware! I ask God to make me and all other believers benefit from this Blog and to render my production of it purely for the sake of His Noble Countenance.

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